The second WWII flight simulation in the series, Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2: WWII Pacific Theater focuses on the action between Japanese and U.S. fighter pilots in the Pacific. Like the earlier Microsoft Combat Flight Sim WWII Europe Series, extensive effort was devoted to making all aspects of this game as realistic and historically accurate as possible. The planes, locations, and missions are all based on actual battles and events. Several extensive interviews were conducted with both Japanese and American pilots in an effort to provide the game with an honest cultural context and a realistic feel.

Players have several mission options and many planes from which to choose, including the American P-38F Lightning, F4F-4 Wildcat, F6F-3 Hellcat, and F4U-1A Corsair or the Japanese A6M2 Zero, A6M5 Zero, and NiK2 George. Microsoft invested considerable effort to make the planes look, sound, and behave as much like the real thing as possible. Like most flight sims from the company, Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 is ready to accept expansion packages and add-on missions with minimal difficulty. These are often available for sale in stores or for free online, developed by third-party companies and ambitious gamers.



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