Thank you for taking the time to inquire about joining the Play Interact Online (PlayIO)/ Chat Nuclear Systems Network(ChatNSN).  We take pride in our uptime and our name branding. We use the best servers out there to keep our network up and running 24/7

We operate a IRC server for our main chat server. The software we only use is OfficeIRC. We will not switch to another IRC server. You can find more information on the IRC server at OFFICEIRC website.

Our server information is (Main Server) (mobile IRC Server)

Here are the rules to link to our network

  • Your server must support the PlayIO brand.
  • Steve and Craig must have admin controls of your server encase you are not there we need to restart the program.
  • Network bots are welcome as long as they do not start a fight with current network bots.
  • Must conform to our ident standards for Admins, Sysops, Helpops. 'Admin_ 'Sysop_ and 'Guide
  • Your server must maintain a decent up time. 90% is our threash hold.
  • You must be a member of the website where we can give you admin access to the page.


We also host a number of PC gaming servers on our network. We are always looking to expand our collection and if you would like to host a game for us please let us know! Here is a small list of games we support, remember we are always welcome to new games.

  • Minecraft
  • Flight Simulator 2002, 2004, and X
  • IRC Server Games
  • Chess
  • Halo
  • and many more!

We look forward for you joining the team!

If you feel like you want to be part of the team please join the chatroom via our app.